Embracing your goals of financial growth


Embracing your goals of financial growth

If you are looking for innovative financial solutions, Enigmasoft Technologies has got you covered. From the smallest firms, to large networks, you can trust our software to drive performance and deliver better client experiences. Our full suite of financial advice and management software provides better ways to track revenue, analyse data, source and compare the right financial products and deliver quality advice more efficiently.

Financial technology, FinTech for short, is the technology that aims to innovatively compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. Our goal is to design and deploy effective software that will drastically improve and automate these services. We have been building software solutions for various Fintech companies and innovative startups. We assemble and expand dedicated development teams for these fintechs letting them sustain healthy growth.

We have recently entered the world of blockchain — an open-source distributed database using state-of-the-art cryptography—which facilitates collaboration and tracking of all kinds of transactions and interactions. The technology could soon revolutionise the world economy.

We are here to build blockchain solutions tailored to your requirements

Our Clients

Cold Staking

You can earn a passive income by simply ‘freezing’ your crypto for a fixed amount of time. Enigma creates a secure platform that will allow users stake their crypto and earn rewards.

Pool Crypto Mining

You can pool together your mining resources to mine for CLO. Our team of developers have developed a highly optimised system to ensure you have a smooth crypto-mining experience.

Crypto Gaming

Crypto gaming blends online casino games and betting with cryptocurrency. Our team have developed secure platforms to wager your bets using crypto such as CLO.

What we do

Outsourcing Blockchain App Development

Create, design, and deploy enterprise-grade solutions, based on blockchain technology, for industries such as finance, information security, secure data storage, etc.

Develop, integrate, and deploy crypto payment gateways into your product.

Outsourcing Team Of Blockchain Developers

The skills, expertise, and competence of our dedicated blockchain developers enable developing a project from scratch quickly and efficiently, as well as with improving an existing product .

Secure Storage Of Cryptocurrency

Provide server solutions for the storage of cryptocurrency;

We use secure mobile cryptocurrency wallet to securely store your crypto.

Integration of storage functions and cryptocurrency transactions into your products

Web And Mobile Development Outsourcing

We design and develop user-friendly interfaces and mobile apps for your blockchain projects.


Decentralised App is an application that uses the principles of decentralised storage and computing and can be deployed on blockchain technology. We create Decentralised Apps based on the following platforms: Ethereum, Callisto

To assist financial institutions in managing market demand fluctuations, we provide customer-tailored scalable banking and financial software solutions with an easy user experience.

Our team of financial software developers and subject matter experts is expanding in along with our portfolio of technologies and fintech services.

What We Ensure
1. Innovative business solutions
2. Cost-Effective Solutions
3. Superior Infrastructure
4. High-end Data Security
5. ISMS Compliance

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