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HR handles a variety of tasks for the company, such as payroll processing, employee benefits, and career counselling. These services are provided to large workforces, and the methods used to provide them are based on our HR service delivery model.


List of Services

Talent Acquistion Service:

We are in charge of locating, acquiring, evaluating, hiring, and onboarding candidates to fill open positions within a company.

Payroll Administration:

Our payrole team handles aspects such as creating checks, dealing with taxes, and dealing with sick and vacation time.

HR management:

We handle all aspects of recruiting, hiring, and firing for any organisation. Our responsibilities also include background checks, exit interviews, wage reviews, and so on.

Risk management:

We concentrate on identifying specific risks that employees pose to the company and themselves. This could include risks related to poor employee management, employee behaviour, or how you hire and fire employees. We provide good HR risk management services to deal with unexpected workplace events.

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