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We architect, implement, manage and secure intelligent IT solutions that maximize the value of your business today and accelerate its growth in the future.


Enigma's expert team handles the
development and management of the
following services:

IT Project Management:

We undertake the development and installation of computer systems for any organisation and ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.

IT Service Desk:

The IT Service Desk is the primary point of contact for day-to-day operations. From outages to planned changes, we handle all types of user communications and offer a wide range of designs to meet your IT requirements.

IT Security Services:

Managing your organization's security is critical to keeping your systems and data secure. Our tailored managed IT Security service provides peace of mind and the uptime expected in this digital world by pro-actively monitoring, testing, and fixing issues.

App Development

We undertake everything from conception and ideation to development, testing and ongoing maintenance to support, all while utilising cutting-edge methodologies, tools, and technologies.

DevOps & Automation:

At Enigma, we perform tasks with minimal human assistance to facilitate feedback loops between operations and development teams, allowing iterative updates to be deployed to production applications more quickly.

QA Testing:

We are at the forefront of delivering Quality Engineering and Software Testing. Our Quality Engineering approach goes beyond traditional software testing and quality assurance by embedding quality early and at every stage of the delivery lifecycle, reducing costly errors and delays.

Research & Development:

Get ahead in the software-driven world by working with Enigma, who has the talent and global reach to assist you in developing software that will grow your business and delight your customers.

On Demand IT:

Our on-demand support package is designed for businesses that do not have a monthly budget for IT services and support. You will have access to the same technical helpdesk that our unlimited support clients do but at a lower cost. Using our remote access tools, we can take control of your PC or server and begin fixing the problem right away, and all of your issues are resolved immediately.

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