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Your own auxiliary team of experts

Enigmasoft Technologies name is a conjunction of two main pillars of the company. Enigma, something puzzling, software and technological solutions to solve the puzzle.

We love puzzles and problems. We love to find solutions to these problems, from bespoke software applications to hardcore thermodynamic engineering to address climate change. We are really good at this and as such we also provide our services to other companies for outsourcing.

Science and logic invariably have the solutions to humanities problems. It is highly unlikely that electrification of motor transport would have happened as fast without Tesla and others who economically forced legacy car makers to electrify, thereby saving millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide to mitigate climate change.

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Our mission is to collaborate smoothly with our customers and help them achieve their business goals by providing them with innovative and best-in-class consultation, IT solutions, and services.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our core philosophy is people over process. This culture has been instrumental in our success and helped us to build a flourishing team that thrives in an environment of freedom and responsibility.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Our vision is to align business goals, employee engagement and external partnership towards achieving a beneficial impact on social and environmental issues.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our key strategy is to have seamless collaboration and a better understanding of our customer’s business to provide it with everything it requires to achieve exponential growth.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Solutions for a better future

Enigmasoft, has numerous registered patents including zero emission cooling and new solar devices to mention but a few. Enigmasoft has bespoke electricity transmission and billing software, bespoke CRM and CMS solutions, blockchain solutions amongst others.

Technology is Technology, We do not limit ourselves as invariably most solutions require soft and hard solutions. We love puzzles and problems. From lack of manpower in your company, productivity solutions, marketing and sales solutions, bespoke software applications, firmware and telemetry solutions to hardcore climate change problems.

Sounds to good to be true but it is true. We believe we have solutions to mitigate climate change and we can create global spanning software. We are relatively young as a corporate entity but we are really good. Not arrogance. Simple confidence.

That is why guarantee all our solutions.

Our Customers and Partners


Why Our Clients Trust Us?

ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

We have acquired the ISO/IEC 27001 certification. This proves that we are a well-run company with a solid foundation that is ready for expansion and serves to safeguard both the company and its employees.

ISO 9001 Certified

We hold certification to the international standard known as ISO 9001, which outlines the specifications for a Quality Management System (QMS). We consistently meet customer and regulatory requirements.

GDPR Compliant

At EnigmaSoft Technologies, we ensure that personal data is collected legally and under strict conditions, and that it is protected from misuse and exploitation through strict monitoring of data movement.

Ultimate Security

We are committed to maintaining the security of user-entrusted funds and has implemented industry-standard protection for its services. We abide by the best practices for security at EnigmaSoft Technology.

Testing and QA

Our expert team creates fully functional integration, performance, usability, and security testing of web, mobile, and desktop applications to ensure complete security of our client’s data or information.

Excellent Workforce

The skilled team at EnigmaSoft Technologies will help your business grow by not only matching your brand's voice and satisfying your existing customers, but treating your data with complete confidentiality.

// our values

What we believe in?

We bring entrepreneurial ideas to life, infuse creativity and innovation into existing digital and mobile platforms.

Elevating Success

Our primary mission and vision is to ensure the success of our clients and gain an abundance of profit for them.

Inspiration Design

We are experts in creating human-centric designs that elicit emotions and touch hearts. We inspire and get inspired.

Innovative Ideas

Our passion is driven by innovation. We celebrate creativity and truly worship technology with our skilled team of experts.

Ethical Responsibility

We ensure that your data is safe and confidential with us, as integrity and ethics are deeply embedded in our DNA.

// our location

Where are we located?

EnigmaSoft Technologies is located in Goa, a state on the southwestern coast of India, and we are also situated in the UK.