Subliminal Sequential Condensation Carbon Dioxide Turbine - SSCCO2T

The SSCCO2T is a revolutionary concept and design which makes use of one of the most abundant gases in our atmosphere which is Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

– CO2 as a working medium has been experimented before but in its supercritical state.

– In SSCCO2T, dry ice extracts heat from the atmosphere to produce high pressure CO2 gas that runs turbines to generate electricity. SSCCO2T makes use of the sublimation effect of Solid CO2 by which phase change occurs from solid to gas bypassing the liquid phase.

– After sublimation the temperature and pressure of the gas is increased in a controlled manner and allowed to run a turbine which will generate electricity once coupled to an electric generator.

– The entire system will work in a closed loop so no heat and CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

– In the process, SSCCO2T also cools down the atmosphere as it extracts heat from the atmosphere.

This invention uses carbon dioxide gas at high pressure and temperature to turn a turbine unlike conventional turbines that use steam as working fluid. Compared with water, CO2 requires less energy to sublimate and has a higher molecular thrust

force. The SSCCO2T has an innovative process approach wherein specially designed cylinders are used to sublimate and expand CO2 to a highly pressurised gas and transport this gas through helically grooved pipes to form vortexes and direct this turbulent flow onto the turbine blades. The CO2 gas returning from the turbine is deposited on a condenser coil to form dry ice using evaporative cooling and the heat absorbed is and reused completing the cycle in the same chambers, which are operated in sequence.