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The Great Resignation ​

Covid 19 ushered in the Great Western Countries Resignation. Citizens and employees of the G7 and some G20 countries decided they wanted to leave, find better prospects or work for themselves.  

Employers and businesses face a massive challenge in properly resourcing their businesses. Enigmasoft Technologies, has an enviable ability to allow UK/US/EU customers to scale up quickly and scale down in case of economic headwinds. India, is the largest English speaking democracy in the World. It has the highest percentage of IT Engineers as a proportion of its population than any other country in the World. English is widely accepted as the global business language but there is a wide cohort of EU language speakers in India and particularly in Goa, where Enigmasoft Technologies is based. 

Enigmasoft Technologies, can meet the sudden needs of your business at an extremely cost-effective price and meet all the national regulatory requirements of our customers. No HR headaches for our corporate customers, no IT headaches, no officing headaches, no telephony headaches. Help us train our staff to meet your needs and you have an invaluable resource which will give your company the edge against the competition.