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We offer Value, Innovation & Success to all companies across the spectrum.


Fintech is short for financial technology. Explore our digital solutions tailored to the rapidly changing fintech and financial services landscape. We also create and use cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Calisto and others to provide financial security and stay up to date with fintech trends.

Blockchain Industry

Blockchain is taking over the world and partnering with Enigma can help you save money on operational costs and expenses while also ensuring that you have trained personnel who understand Blockchain processes and functionality. We specialize in the creation & storage of encrypted blocks, cryptocurrency, mining pools, etc.


In a world of exponentially growing knowledge, increasingly sophisticated technologies, and an unstable economic environment, we provide competitive and flexible strategies to pharmaceutical companies across the world. We have a dedicated Sales & Distribution team that works around the clock with different suppliers across the global to ensure you have a hassle-free experience.


Working with Enigma ensures that your telecommunications company has overall coordination and efficient business functionality. We provide end-to-end solutions by customising a suite of specialised services to help your business grow.


We provide a full range of architectural services by assisting with innovative project solutions. At Enigma, innovation and creativity are essential when presenting an idea or proposal.


We represent a diverse range of energy-related businesses. We manage and deliver comprehensive business solutions for the global energy industry. Our teams understand the energy sector's unique challenges and opportunities, and our innovative solutions are designed following industry standards to ensure compliance with licensing and legal requirements.

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Our Dedicated

Business Solutions

Our Business Solutions

We architect, implement, manage and secure intelligent IT solutions that maximize the value of your business today and accelerate its growth in the future.

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Enigma offers a one-of-a-kind, tailored, and scalable approach to cloud hosting. Our cloud hosting solutions, designed by experts with decades of industry experience, give you complete control and ensure reliability and security designed for your specific business needs.

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Is your organization struggling to provide your clients with excellent customer support? Are you falling short of skilled and trained resources that can keep your customers happy and satisfied at all times? Then, the right choice for your company would be to outsource customer support services to an experienced and skilled service provider. Outsourcing can help you save time and focus on your core tasks as well as save on costs.

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Our digital marketing packages are a versatile service that can include a Unique Marketing Strategy, outlining your company's vision and specific goals, providing you with realistic targets to strive for in all of your marketing tasks. Marketing on social media, including graphical and written content, group posting, content planning, and follower building to help your business generate leads.

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Our architectural solutions include developing a brief and discussing alternative approaches for your project. This entails advising on the need for additional consultants, which can range from structural engineers to home automation experts. We will also assess the need for any soil or structural investigations.

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HR handles a variety of tasks for the company, such as payroll processing, employee benefits, and career counselling. These services are provided to large workforces, and the methods used to provide them are based on our HR service delivery model.

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